Today is International Women’s Day. On this occasion, the Missing Children’s Network would like to honor one of its incredible volunteers, Ms. Mary Thompson.

Mary is a woman whose dedication is unmatched. Over the past 18 years she has invested her time and energy for the missing children’s cause. Her motivation is simple, “I like that the network takes care of parents of missing kids. It gives them a place to go, and people they can turn to for help’’.

As she’s mentioned in the past, it can happen to anybody. This is what motives her. This is the strength behind the best renowned spaghetti dinner on the West-Island. Every year, Mary and her mates cook 600 meatballs to raise funds for the Missing Children’s Network Dragon Boat Race. It is obvious that the love and the determination that they put in, is why the spaghetti tastes so good.

However Mary is much more than just a great volunteer. She has a family, with two kids who are now in their thirties. She works in the insurance industry, where her boss likes to say that she’s the backbone of the office. Evidently, she also has her hobbies and loves to read thriller novels. Her favorite author is John Grisham. Mary has also made it a duty of hers to travel to the United States every year for Black Friday!

Beyond all that, Mary Thompson is a very special woman, and an exceptional volunteer. Her contribution to the Missing Children’s Network is without equivalent. For that, we would like to thank her.